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Παρασκευή, 20 Μαΐου 2016

Summer’s Greek International Vespa Meeting (english)

Chania Crete from 25-28 of August 2016

Everything is ready for the 3 day Summer Greek international Vespa meeting which will start on Thursday the 25th  of August and will end on the Sunday 28th.

We are expecting our vespa friends from all around Greece to friend them, welcome them and show them how beautiful Crete is.

The program is explained below:

Thursday 25/8

Signup hours: 6:00 pm – 8:00pm on the camping area.

You may unpack and settle on the camping area or in the rooms that you reserved/ chosen for your relaxing night stay.

The program after settling is free.

Friday  26/8

Signup hours : 10:00 am to 1:00pm on the camping area.

At 2:00 pm our group will be leaving the camp and heading towards Acrotiri. We will be making a stop and will be swimming in Stavros Acrotiri Beach the beach which the shootings for the well-known movie (ZORBA THE GREEK) took action. Food choice is free.

At 6:00 pm our group will be heading back to the Camp after a majestic and beautiful course and will be getting some rest between those hours.

At 9:00 pm there will be live traditional Cretan music on the camping area with a free light meal including 2 souvlaki sticks and a beer.

Saturday 27/8

Signup hours 9:00-11:00 am. At 11:00 am our group will be leaving from the camp for a brilliant trip towards Fallaserna. We will be giving free sandwiches, water and soft drinks. We will be also swimming in the exotic waters of Fallaserna beach and we will be serving  some refreshing fruits.

For those who are willing to continue their trip they will be heading towards Elafonisi which is going to be their final distention.

At 2:30 pm our group will be leaving Fallasarna Beach (for those who didn’t go to Elafonisi) and will be having lunch at an old village named Sfinari. For those who chose to go to Elafonisi will be having some lunch there. After our tasty feed we will head back to the camp.

At 9:00 pm there’s going to be live music and dancing performed by our local rock bands and our traditional Cretan clubs and will be serving a drink and a light meal for those who wish.

Sunday 28/8

At 10:00 am our group will be leaving the camp and heading towards our destination which is a small village named Varipetros. We will be making a stop and having a great time at Limnoupolis water theme park. Although the fun doesn’t stop there. Across the road to Limnoupolis Water Park there is the biggest Go-Cart racing course in all over Crete. For those who wish to take on the super “fast” experience there’s going to be time based races and also a 20% discount for only those who are “quick” enough.

At 5:30 pm our group will be going back to the camp and we are going to give our last goodbyes…

You can also register online by filling up our registration form, from here. For those who want to book tickets and travel with ANEK LINES/ BLUESTAR STAR FERRIES have to do it by 15/7/ 2016 so you don’t miss on the 40% discount. The registration form is found on the link below:

If anyone is interested on participating but is unable to register online please ask your Vespa club which you are registered with  to do it for you.

Contact numbers: +30 6974646827 Fotis , +30 6978167543 Takis.

The program will continually update until the final 10 days due to small sponsorships updates .If anything in the program changes we will keep you updated. We are trying to keep everyone satisfied with our services and make our three day special excellent. 

Participation Fee:  20 EURO

Including a mini bag with souvenirs, newspapers, a t-shirt, coupons for a free meal for Friday night and lunch & soft drink for Saturday’s noon.


  For those who wish to travel with ANEK LINES/BLUE STAR FERRIES with the 40% discount which the companies are offering us you have to register STRICTLY by 15/7.  Due to space and tourism issues the space is limited (including the 40% discount) and there’s only space for 120 people and 60 Vespas so if you book your tickets early you are most likely getting a ticket.   

Registration form, here 

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